Forgive me father for i have sinned

My co-worker Doug and I started a music blog
The aim of the blog is to educate Erik, our co-worker, who grew up in
a Christian household and wasn't allowed to listen to any music. So
the songs we pick are ones we think are the most important for his
we don't just pick any random songs we like or try to be too
sophisticated (cuz after all, we all have an impeccable taste in
music). Think about him as a blank slate, a martian who doesn't speak
our language and needs to be talked to in a slow and clear voice.

For me it's the english version of plitim…

P.S  since I am already off topic,  I feel I need to mention that we have been using the categories on the site wrong. In the general scheme of things it doesnt matter but I guess I am a bit anal… I am a web person after all!

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